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When speed is crucial, air freight is the ideal solution.

Air freight is a premium transportation solution, especially when it comes to speed and punctual deliveries. One of the major advantages of air freight is its exceptional swiftness.

The speed of air freight also enables businesses to respond quickly to unforeseen events or demand fluctuations. They can deliver urgently needed goods in a short amount of time, avoiding supply chain shortages.

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Import from Asia - Sea Freight, Rail Freight & Air Freight

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We are your experts for importing from Asia. With our customized booking system and tracking, we provide logistics solutions tailored to the high demands of your supply chain. Transparency, reliability, and sustainability are at the forefront for us, aiming to offer you the optimal logistics solution. Simply fill out the form, and one of our experts will promptly reach out to you to collaboratively shape the future of your logistics.

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Air Freight Logistics

Faster to your destination with Air Freight

Air freight logistics is a crucial component of global trade, offering businesses a swift and efficient means of transporting goods across vast distances. Air freight logistics encompasses various aspects such as collection, storage, packaging, transportation, and delivery of goods to their destinations.

One of the key advantages of air freight logistics is speed. In contrast to other modes of transport like sea and rail, air transport can swiftly move goods. This enables companies to bring products to market rapidly and effectively meet customer needs.

Air Freight Forwarding from Hamburg


Air freight is the fastest transportation method for importing goods. Short transit times enable businesses to swiftly introduce products to the market and effectively meet customer demands. This results in an optimized supply chain and facilitates timely replenishment of goods.


Air freight provides high reliability concerning delivery deadlines and schedules. Airlines maintain stringent schedules and possess sophisticated infrastructure to ensure that cargo shipments arrive punctually.

Digital Booking System

Our booking system provides you with the advantage of efficient and transparent processes for your import from Asia. With just a few clicks, you can input your requirements and receive an instant quote. This saves you time and enables a swift and accurate calculation of your freight costs.

Receive Air Freight Costs Instantly

With our digital booking system, we provide you the opportunity to receive an instant quote for all air freight shipments weighing over 100 kilograms. This comes with a multitude of advantages that facilitate efficient and seamless handling of your cargo shipments.

One of these benefits is the tracking system. You can track the exact location of your cargo shipment in real-time, ensuring you have full transparency and can monitor the progress of your shipment.

Another advantage is the immediate calculation of your freight costs. You simply input your requirements into our booking system, and within a short period, you’ll receive a customized quote for your air freight shipment. This saves you valuable time and allows for quick and accurate cost calculation.

Furthermore, our booking system offers the ability to create manufacturer templates. If you frequently ship specific items, you can use these templates to significantly expedite the booking process. Generating manufacturer templates enables an efficient and standardized handling of your cargo shipments.

Another benefit of our booking system is its swift processing through automation. Automated processes accelerate the entire course of your air freight shipment. Human errors are minimized, and you benefit from efficient and reliable processing.

Overall, our digital booking system provides you the means to easily and rapidly calculate and book your air freight shipments over 100 kilograms. With the advantages of tracking, immediate cost calculation, utilization of manufacturer templates, and swift automation, we simplify your import process and ensure efficient handling of your cargo shipments.

Air Freight from Asia to Germany

Air freight logistics from Asia to Germany provides a dependable and efficient transportation solution for businesses looking to import or export goods between these regions. With our extensive expertise and knowledge in air freight logistics, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for companies that regularly handle shipments between Hamburg and Asia.

Our team possesses extensive experience and expertise in the field of air freight logistics, working closely with leading airlines and logistics partners. This enables us to offer our customers a seamless and efficient transportation process.

We have gained exceptional expertise in air freight logistics from Hamburg to Asia and are well-acquainted with the specific requirements and challenges of this transportation route. From collecting goods to packaging and storage, all the way to timely shipment and delivery, we oversee every step of the process, ensuring safe and punctual deliveries.

Unser Ziel ist es, unseren Kunden maßgeschneiderte Lösungen anzubieten und ihre Anforderungen vollständig zu erfüllen. Durch unsere effektive Kommunikation, Transparenz und Zuverlässigkeit sorgen wir dafür, dass die Luftfrachtlogistik von Hamburg nach Asien für unsere Kunden stressfrei und erfolgreich verläuft.

Verlassen Sie sich auf unsere hervorragenden Erfahrungen und unser Engagement für exzellenten Service, um Ihre Luftfracht von Hamburg nach Asien sicher und effizient zu transportieren. Kontaktieren Sie uns noch heute, um mehr über unsere Luftfrachtdienstleistungen zu erfahren und Ihre Transportanforderungen zu besprechen.


Sea freight is a popular and reliable method of transportation for importing goods from China. As one of the world’s largest exporters, China offers a wide variety of products across different industries, and sea freight allows companies to efficiently and cost-effectively import these goods.

Importing from China through sea freight offers several advantages. Firstly, the significant capacity of container ships enables the transportation of large quantities of goods at once. This leads to cost savings, as the freight costs per unit are lower when the container is fully loaded.

Secondly, sea freight offers excellent flexibility regarding the types of goods that can be transported. From small parcels to bulky items, various container sizes and types are available to meet different requirements.

Furthermore, sea freight enables the import of goods in large quantities, enhancing the availability and competitiveness of products in the market. Companies can capitalize on China’s favorable production costs and effectively manage their inventory.

In summary, sea freight serves as a valuable and economical solution for businesses importing goods from China. It leverages China’s diverse product offerings and supports efficient supply chain management for successful imports.

Air freight shipments are no issue for us.

Air freight shipments are no challenge for us. We possess the expertise and resources to handle your air freight shipping seamlessly. With our extensive network of partners and carriers, we ensure the secure and timely transportation of your air cargo. Whether it’s small parcels or large freight shipments, we manage every step of the process, ensuring your shipments reach their destination safely. Rely on us when it comes to your air freight shipments and let us tackle your logistics challenges.

Efficient Air Freight Forwarding for Swift and Secure Transportation

When it comes to air freight transportation, you can hire a freight forwarder and relax. A freight forwarder is a professional company specialized in safe and efficient goods transportation. By entrusting your transportation to a freight forwarder, you hand over the responsibility to experienced experts, allowing you to focus on your core business.

The advantage of hiring a freight forwarder is that you don’t have to worry about anything. The freight forwarder handles the entire process, from picking up your goods to delivering them to the destination. They take care of packaging, collection, choosing the appropriate mode of transport, and documentation. This means you can save time, resources, and energy that you can use for other important tasks in your business.

A freight forwarder has an extensive network of transportation partners offering various options such as road transport, sea freight, air freight, and rail transport. Depending on the nature of your goods and your specific requirements, the freight forwarder selects the best mode of transport. They have the expertise to find the quickest and most cost-effective way to transport your goods.

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