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Our team at Asia Logistics is the heart of our company. We take pride in the diversity and dedication of our employees. Each team member contributes their part to make our vision of a digitized and customer-centric logistics world a reality.

More than just a freight company.

“Asia Logistics was founded in 2015 by me, Thomas Kura, an experienced freight forwarder with over 12 years of successful experience in the logistics industry. In 2015, I decided to gradually digitize the manual processes in logistics operations using a platform. This platform serves as a central hub for all processes, starting from quotation requests, bookings, and document management to real-time cargo tracking and the management of the entire value chain.”

Trust in us as your competent partner for digital logistics. With our proprietary booking system, we offer you maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Trust in our expertise as your reliable partner for digital logistics. With our innovative booking system, we guarantee you maximum flexibility and efficiency in handling your logistics processes. Together, we will find tailored solutions to meet your requirements and give you a competitive edge. Count on us to successfully optimize and digitize your logistics.

Our history:

The company was founded on October 6, 2015, with a focus on logistics for e-commerce. In November 2015, we opened our city office at Wendenstraße 29, 20097 Hamburg, and commenced our business activities with a team of three dedicated employees.
The company was founded on October 6, 2015, with a focus on e-commerce logistics. In November 2015, we opened our city office at Wendenstraße 29, 20097 Hamburg, and began our business activities with a team of three dedicated employees to streamline the booking process for our customers. This milestone was achieved on September 3, 2016. In September 2016, we also participated as logistics specialists for Amazon FBA import deliveries in the first Amazon FBA Expo. The event took place at the St. Pauli Football Stadium on Millerntorplatz in Hamburg, and we were proud to contribute as experts in this field.
In October 2017, we relocated to a new city office at Sonninstraße 12 B, 20097 Hamburg, with a team of six employees.
In January 2018, we introduced a new design for our website and the digital calculation tool ALBS (Asia Logistics Booking System).
Im Januar 2019 zogen wir in einen Bürokomplex mit einer Fläche von 200 m2 und einem Lagerbereich von 1600 m2 in der Billstraße 94-96, 20539 Hamburg, auch bekannt als Terminal I. Im März 2019 erweiterten wir unseren digitalen Logistikansatz und führten ein digitales Lagertool für unsere Kunden ein.
In February 2020, we acquired Tolkemit GmbH located at Billstraße 94-96, 20539 Hamburg. In April 2020, we also rented an additional 1000 m2 of warehouse space at Bullenhuser Damm 75, 20539 Hamburg, which is also known as Terminal II.
In May 2021, we expanded the rental space at our second warehouse location, Terminal II, by an additional 400 m2. In December 2021, we dissolved the location at Bullenhuser Damm 75, 20539 Hamburg, Terminal II.
We moved to a new logistics location with 8500 m2 of warehouse space, 5500 m2 of yard space, and 2 warehouses with 2500 European pallet positions at Schmidts Breite 15, 21107 Hamburg. We now have 23 employees.
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Our mission

Our mission at Asia Logistics goes beyond the mere digitization of transport processes. We believe that the key to sustainable success in the logistics industry lies in customer satisfaction. Our customers are not just clients to us; they are partners on the shared journey to success.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is at the center of all our efforts. We understand that every order is unique and comes with individual requirements and challenges. That’s precisely why we developed our platform to be flexible in addressing our customers’ needs. From the initial inquiry to successful delivery, we prioritize transparency, efficiency, and reliability.

Working together

At Asia Logistics, it’s not just about transportation and logistics; it’s primarily about building long-term partnerships and succeeding together. Your satisfaction is our benchmark, and we take pride in accompanying you on your journey.

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