LCL Sea Freight

LCL transports (consolidated container loads)

LCL general cargo shipments are the perfect alternative if you do not require a complete FCL (Full Container Load).
Thanks to our own branch in Shenzhen China, we can guarantee you optimal consolidation of your shipments in the Asian region.

Choose LCL transports from Asia Logistics to improve your supply chain

Asia Logistics’ LCL General Cargo Network offers optimal departure timing based on your schedule on major shipping routes.

Transparency and optimisation

We use technology to make transportation more transparent by digitizing all processes in the supply chain, checking freight and reducing the risk of delays.

Amazon FBA and LCL general cargo – the perfect symbiosis.

As early as 2015, Asia Logistics was one of the first Amazon FBA logistics companies to fill this logistics gap perfectly. We have the expertise to prepare your freight to meet Amazon FBA’s requirements.

Keep track of all your LCL shipments.

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